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2023 Mother’s Day Radiothon Nets $90,000!

An amazing $90,838 was raised at our recent Radiothon, including a $40,000 match from the Department of Health & Community Services. Thank you to the donors and volunteers. We are so much closer to our $140,000 goal to purchase a new ENT Surgical Microscope for the Operating Room at the Central Newfoundland Regional Health Centre. because of you! Thank You for showing how much you care!!! 

Meet Landyn Fowlow of Grand Falls-Windsor. Landyn loves playing dress up and watching hockey, playing soccer and music and dancing. He’s very active and social. His Favorite color is yellow. His favorite foods are apples and grapes.  Like many four-year olds, Landyn attends daycare and is starting Kinderstart next year. Also, like many children his age, Landyn has had ear tube surgery. In the last several years, Landyn suffered through many ear and sinus infections. The family got a referral to an ear, nose and throat doctor (ENT), who recommended ear tube surgery. Before surgery, he weathered the infections all right, but he ended up with hearing loss (most likely temporary) from fluid buildup behind the eardrum. 


Ear tube surgery is usually performed between the ages of seven months and six years; after age eight, kids’ own Eustachian tubes, which drain the middle ear to the back of the nasal cavity (and also control ear pressure), have fully developed and can do their job properly. In Landyn’s case, the surgeon recommended he have his adenoids taken out when the ear tubes were inserted. In some cases, the adenoids can act like a physical dam that impedes the drainage from the ear into the throat, so taking them out to remove the blockage is not an uncommon procedure. 

Landyn just turned four in February and had his surgery that same month. His Mom, Mary Connors, says she has seen improvement, especially in his hearing, even just days after the surgery.

PHOTOS from Radiothon 2023: Landyn and his Mom, Mary, spent some time on air with VOCM host Greg Smith during our Mother's Day Radiothon. 

2023 fundraising appeal for new ENT surgical microscope

As the only two ENTs (ear, nose and throat doctor) serving the population of central Newfoundland, and at times, western Newfoundland, we provide comprehensive medical and surgical care for individuals with diseases that affect or involve the ears, nose and throat. 

And, we have some exciting news to share! We are thrilled to announce that the South and Central Health Foundation has committed to replace the current 15-year-old surgical microscope with a new, state-of-the-art version.

This Microscope has a multitude of uses. It is primarily used in ear surgery involving the ear canal, ear drum and middle ear.  The most often performed ear surgeries at CNRHC are pediatric cases: to facilitate myringotomy - the insertion of ventilation tubes which treat and prevent ear infections in children and adults; to drain fluid from the middle ear space improving hearing and speech development, and used in repairing holes in the ear drum caused by infections or trauma. 

The microscope is also used when we are performing injections for Meniere’s Disease (dizziness) and while performing biopsies of the throat in order to diagnose disorders of the vocal cords. For these reasons, ENT microsurgery requires top-class imaging quality and visualization, which can be achieved with a surgical microscope. 

The demand for ear, nose and throat surgeries continues to grow, with more than 700 elective and emergent cases per year in our region alone. Having this equipment available at the Central Newfoundland Regional Health Centre will allow patients, in our communities, access to quality care in a timely manner.                                    
Please help us fund this state-of-the-art microscope so we can continue delivering the very best care to our community. The new surgical microscope will cost $140,000. Our first fundraiser towards reaching that goal was the Mother’s Day Radiothon held on May 10th. Thanks to donors we are that much closer to our goal, with $50,000 remaining!

Please join with us to make your personal donation. You can make your donation in advance by choosing the DONATE NOW button on this website to make a secure online donation. We also invite you to drop by the Foundation office  located in the lobby of the Central Newfoundland Regional Health Centre. Staff will be happy to help you help your local hospital!



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Dr. J. Poirier,

Otolaryngology- Head and Neck Surgery    

Dr. G. Kalombo

Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist     

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